Lodge your tax returns via our mobile app!

Many of us can agree that there are not enough hours in a day, with work, studies and still finding that moment of peace is very difficult to experience nowadays. But at the same time, there are certain tasks that must be done that we just cannot find the time to do.

Perhaps lodging your income tax return may be something that you know that you must do, but just cannot find the time to do.

We at A One Accountants understand that all clients have very busy lives and not all are able to take the time to call their accountant, sit down for 30 minutes and have their tax return prepared.

We at A One Accountants would rather you spending that extra 30 minutes to have that moment of peace that we all need. That’s why we have made an App to do all this work for you, are we able to have your tax return prepared and lodged via the app!

Our app ‘A One Accountants’ is designed to deliver various services to clients with fast and convenient accessibilities. Not only can you submit a tax return, we also have other features such as:

  • Company Formation form.
  • Trust formation.
  • Checking the progress of your refund.
  • Calculators and tools feature that can simplify multiple calculations such as stamp duty, depreciation, capital gains tax and many more.

Our app has been designed according to our client’s needs, it is easily accessible, easy to understand and the best part is that it is completely free to download!

Click on the following links to download our free app today!