New Business Purchase Advice :

A decision to buy a business or not is one of the paramount factors determining how successful you will be. An accountants insight into the business can make a world of difference to your own decision making. There are various aspects of tax and accounting and to understand them you may need help of an insightful accountant. We can help you navigate this complex maze of accounting jargon and numbers and help you understand various facets of the business you are looking to buy.

To be able to do this though, we need you to provide all of these documents below. The more supporting documents you provide the more informed your decision will be and the more in depth analysis we would be able to provide.

Some of our clients have been able to reduce their purchase prices by thousands of dollars from the asking price due to the information we shared with them. Paying the right price for a business is the best outcome you could expect to achieve from the information we share. Most business brokers and business owners inflate the asking price by thousands of dollars and are looking for the best deal and we do not blame them. This is because if you are selling a business you would also like to get the best return on your investment and the same is true for you if you are looking to buy a business; only that you would be looking to spend less this time around to make the most off your investment. To understand how a business is making money and to see how the financials correlate with their business activity statements and what are the variances between the past and the present you may need the help of insightful information that only a qualified accountant can provide.

If you are looking for any new business buying advice for an existing business please complete the below form and submit. Our fee for such a service is $220.

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