Under pressure by the ATO? #18.08.2016

Have you been hit with an unexpected payable amount from your tax return? Or perhaps you have a Business Activity Statement debt. No matter if you are an individual, sole trader, partnership, director of a company a payable amount is a financial burden that not everyone can always pay this in a timely manner. Perhaps you have other debts that need to be paid first, or an upcoming bill in which you need to put some money aside for.

Perhaps a tailored payment plan setup is what you need to take off this burden and to have a positive cash flow. At A One Accountants, we understand how important a positive cash flow is and how not everyone can pay off a debt in one lump sum. We have helped numerous clients both individuals and business owners to set up tailored payment plan that fits their monthly budget and to take off the burden of having the ATO and debt collectors chasing after you.

If you have been hit with an unexpected debt amount and are not able to make the payment straight away, don’t leave it to the last minute when the debt collectors begin chasing you. Let us know as soon as possible so we can help you set up a tailored payment plan according to your needs with the amounts that you are comfortable with.

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