Document checklist for individual Tax Return

Do you know what is the most commonly asked tax question? It is, what documents do I need? What evidences do I need to keep? What records you need as an accountant to prepare my tax return? To make it easy, we have come up with a general shortlist of documents to be provided to us, for a smooth and quick preparation of your tax return.


  • Your Photo ID
  • Bank details for refund
  • Payment Summaries (PAYG, Termination)
  • Spouse details & Spouse’s taxable income
  • Annual bank statement showing interest earned
  • Dividend statements
  • Annual share trading reports in PDF and CSV
  • Annual statements from managed investment funds
  • Details of foreign income earned(If applicable)
  • Documentary evidence for any other income received.


  • Details of Income Protection Insurance, Sickness and Accident Insurance
  • Evidence of donations to charities
  • Accountant Fees Invoice for previous year’s tax return
  • Log book and expense receipts for vehicle used for work purposes
  • Receipts for work-related travel expenses
  • Receipts for tools, equipment and uniform
  • Work related education expenses
  • Receipt/invoice/documentary evidence for any other related deduction not already cover.


Investment Property Check List

  • Contract of Sale
  • Rental Summary/ Income Expenditure
  • Advertising
  • Body Corporate
  • Settlement letter ( Borrowing expenses )
  • Council Rates
  • Gardening
  • Land Insurance
  • Bank Statement for  Interest on loan
  • Land Tax
  • Depreciation Report
  • Depreciation Report Invoice
  • Legal Fees
  • Repair & Maintenance Related Expenses
  • Pest control
  • Postage
  • Stationery
  • Travel Expenses
  • Water Rates
  • Any other deductions pertaining the maintenance of the investment property.

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