Accounting Franchise

A snapshot of the accounting franchise offer from A One Accountants:

  • This is an accounting & audit practice that also does tax returns.
  • Vendor finance options available.
  • No upfront payment required.
  • Skills Gap training provided.
  • Tax Agent Registration support provided.


Our Accounting Franchise explained:

Franchising is a business relationship in which you (the franchisee) pay the owner of a business (the franchisor) for the right to market and distribute their goods or services over a fixed period.

Buying an Accounting franchise can be a smart move, particularly if you haven’t owned run a professional practice before and have little to no experience being self-employed in the accounting field. If you lack any skills or knowledge, we as the franchisor can plug such gaps for you. Ideally, franchising secures you an established brand for your practice. It provides a proven business model and marketing system, which reduces typical start-up risks. We also provide ongoing training and support.

We the franchisor has done all of the hard work, including trailing and testing what works and what does not work. We have a proven system that can be replicated over and over again. We have the accounting experience, knowledge and skills and regular training sessions are run to cover various technical aspects of running an accounting practice.

If you are considering owning an accounting franchise as an option to start your business, there are several benefits from this option, such as:

  1. Low failure rate:

When you purchase an accounting franchise, you are buying an established concept that has been successful. Statistics show that franchises have a much better chance of success than independent start-up businesses.

  1. Business assistance:

Accounting Franchise owners will receive valuable assistance throughout the life of you owning the business. Many accounting franchises are, in fact, turnkey operations. When you buy a franchise, you receive all of the setup and instruction needed to start your business. You shall be coached for business growth and will receive help with management and marketing. For example, your franchise will reap the benefits of a larger marketing budget.


  1. Buying power

Your franchise will benefit from the collective buying power we wield, this would mean being able to purchase trust deeds at reduced rates and industry associations which will help you through any hurdle you this may come your way.


  1. Workflow

As a new business, you will struggle to sign up new clients. This is not a around the corner burger shop that starts generating revenue from the 1st day you put up an open for business sign. This is a professional practice and your customers will build loyalty over a period of time. It is over a period of time when you will start to receive referrals from existing clients. In such a situation, we can help your practice by channelling some work towards your practice in the early stages of setup.


  1. Profits

An accounting franchise business can be more profitable than if you were to run the practice on your own, since it will be a good few years before you reach break-even on your own.


If you wish to order a franchise info pack, click here to order this now.

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