Have you realised there is not much advice and support available for a new business buyer?  More often than not, you are the responsible person with minimal or no support  and required to study, understand, comprehend and evaluate the profitability, viability, suitability as well as the sustainability of the business you are looking to venture into. However though the seller has huge walls built around them when it comes to the selling process. The seller has the business broker, the accountant, the franchisor (if applicable), various industry contacts and more importantly the business knowhow and the insider information about the business they are looking to sell. Not being an accountant and/or not having any experience with running a business, it is quite difficult to  evaluate the information being presented let alone negotiate. You would generally need expert and experienced opinion, support as well as guidance. This is exactly where we come into this story as your business buyers advocate. Our buyer’s advocacy service can be tailored to your requirements.

As accountants we shall not only carry out due diligence activities but will also involve suitable professionals where required to help you negotiate the best possible sale price for your business.   In many cases you may not need anyone else’s involvement except for us and your solicitor.

A business buyer’s advocate protects business buyers by offering them the assistance and support needed to help buy businesses in a confident way. A business buyer’s advocate acts as an independent and exclusive agent to assist the buyer feel at ease when making one of the biggest purchases of their lives. There are a range of benefits a business buyer’s advocate can bring to you, one of them is of course the negotiation on the purchase price whilst the other knowing about critical insights of the proposed purchase.

More often than not, your family home is on the line. The time and expectations involved with the prospective business is another factor why it is important to get assistance and help while buying a business.

We can not only assist you with buyer’s advocacy but as your accountants can also assist with any structure formations and tax matters. With our loans division we can also assist with any financing that may be required.

Buying a business is a major decision of one’s life. Buying a business is often one of the largest purchase a buyer will make in his/her lifetime and hence you will definitely wish to ensure to limit any mistakes. We, at A One Accountants, understand the importance of such a vital decision and its consequences. For us, you the buyer is our client whilst all others you shall be dealing with are acting for the seller and not you.

We act as an intermediary and make sure you have everything you need to help make the best purchase decision. We help you acquire the business at the best possible price by providing due diligence, business understanding, objective guidance, and negotiation strategies.

We do the hard work of researching the business for you. After getting an insight about the business, we work on negotiating the price on your behalf and asking the tough questions in regard to the business.

We prioritize your needs and requirements, help you understand by educating you about the business and the things involved, perform due diligence, negotiate a suitable purchase price, and as an outcome help you get precisely what you desire.

Along with the business advocacy services, you will also be receiving all solutions to your accounting queries, as we specialize in as small business accounting too. You won’t have to hire an accountant and a business advocate separately. This will help you save up on costs. We provide end-to-end solutions to clients to assist  them right through the course of buying their new business property.

If you would like to find out more about this service offering or would like to speak to someone, kindly feel free to contact us on 03-86091889

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