Looking to start a new company? Not sure whether you should form a company or register a business name first? Worried whether your company name is unique and is not nearly similar to any other company name?
Why worry when you have A One Accountants by your side to help you out through the very first step of your business, i.e. Company Formation.

A Company is a separate legal entity that works for the benefit of the society. A company usually has a director/s and shareholder/s. Company Formation is necessary to fulfill the tax and other legal obligations. It is mandatory that your company name should not be nearly similar to any other company name. Your company name cannot be registered if it is similar to any other company name.
You can easily form a company with the help of an ASIC Registered Agent. By registering your company name with ASIC, you receive an ACN, i.e. Australian Company Number. ACN is a unique 9 digit number that helps to ensure adequate identification of various companies. ACN should be shown on all the important documents of business such as statements of accounts, orders for goods and services, hand written receipts, business letterheads, official company notices, documents that are required to be lodged with ASIC, cheques, promissory notes and bills of exchange etc.

Once you receive ACN on successful completion of Company Formation process, you need to apply for ABN. Australian Business Number is nothing but a unique 11 digit code that can be used in place of ACN. ABN can be easily registered with the help of a registered tax agent.

We have formed over 40 companies and have registered their name with ASIC. We have applied for their ABN and registered for GST as well. At A One Accountants, we make sure to provide the client with the ACN in prescribed time as soon as he sends the basic details. Sending us your basic details for company formation is not a big deal. You just need to fill up and submit the online form available on our website. You don’t even need to visit our office and can form your company without any hassle.

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