Common problems of individuals who use the ATO’s self-lodgement include inadvertent mistakes like inaccurately reporting the amounts on the Tax Returns because of confusion or wrong interpretations of the complex rules of taxation resulting in evasion of taxes without them realising, and not able to make maximum use of available deductions. This happens due to not being fully aware of what can and cannot be claimed in their tax returns. This can also result into late payments of tax dues or late lodgement of Tax Returns, because a lot of time is spent researching online regarding what can and cannot be claimed. Incorrect claims could thus lead to an audit by the ATO and the cost of managing the tax affairs could be much higher than if it was done correctly in the first instance. We are located on the corner of palmers and Leakes road, which is about 5 minutes from the Williams landing station. If you are looking for professional help with tax returns or accounting in or around Williams Landing, we are available with prebooked appointments all 7 days.

What a stressful scenario could that be when you’ve got an ATO audit. Who doesn’t tremble when they receive this unwanted ATO phone call? Several thoughts gust in your mind like you might have overlooked something in your Tax Return or there might be clerical errors in your computations and that you will be facing the corresponding penalties as you hear those tax-related questions coming from the ATO over the phone. But you don’t have to panic, for we at A One Accountants can help you prevent such circumstances. The beauty of doing the taxes through us means any questions the ATO poses will be posed at us and not you.

At our Truganina location, which is the neighboring suburb to Williams landing we will guide you thorough all of the complex matters of Taxation that will help you avoid all kinds of troubling situations. We have  experienced, fast and highly efficient accountants, tax agents and advisors & auditors who are easy to approach for queries and that would give you honest and exceptional professional advise.

We offer tax-related services such as Tax Return preparations and advice on practical and lawful tax strategies to avoid huge amount of taxes. We can help you get your Tax Returns be lodged quickly that include the following:

  • Individual Tax Returns, Williams Landing
  • Company Tax Returns, Williams Landing
  • Investment Property Tax Return, Williams Landing
  • Share Trading Tax Return, Williams Landing
  • Capital gain Tax Return, Williams Landing
  • Partnership Tax Returns, Williams Landing
  • Trust Tax Returns, Williams Landing
  • Sole Trader Tax Returns, Williams Landing
  • Uber Tax Returns, Williams Landing
  • Owner’s Corporation Tax Return, Williams Landing
  • Foreign Investment Property Tax Return, Williams Landing
  • Overdue and late Tax Returns. Williams Landing
  • A host of accounting services in Williams Landing
  • A host of Audit services in Williams Landing
  • Buyer’s advocacy in Williams Landing
  • Other Services

We do examine the income and expenditure of your business or organization and provide advice on accounting structures and business plans, all to help you increase your returns and make the most out of the taxes you pay.

Meetings at our office are obligation free, we are only a phone call away. 0386091889.

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