Property Buyers Advocacy

Planning to buy a property? Have you tried Property buyers advocacy before? Let us explain how it works how you could benefit from a property buyer’s advocacy service. A standard loan for a property purchase lasts for 30 years, so buying a property can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. However, there is not a lot of support available for property buyers, rather, everything is designed to protect and benefit the seller. As a result, a lot of property buyers make wrong decisions or make mistakes in the process of buying a property, which ends up affecting them negatively in the longer term. This is where we come in. As your property buyer’s advocates, we are on your side so we will help, support and guide you throughout the whole process of buying a property with our wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to buying and investing in properties. This will ensure that you’re well informed with expert and professional knowledge and advice when making decisions, to ensure that you make the best decisions possible that will benefit you the most now and in the future, without any mistakes or regrets.

It is very rare that buying a property goes through without a hitch. This is because everything is set in place to benefit the seller rather than the buyer and pretty much everyone involved in the property buying process is there to protect the seller’s best interests. This includes the broker/selling agent, the solicitor, the accountant, the marketers and the promoters, to name a few. It’s also because people tend to make emotional decisions rather than informed decisions. As your property buyer’s advocates, we want to keep you informed every step of the way as we believe this is the key to making the best decisions and achieving your ideal objectives and we shall also provide an unbiased opinion regarding your chosen property.

Dealing with agents who represent the seller is more often than not quite difficult because as a buyer you know that they can tell you things about the property or the seller that always seem to be positive from the seller’s point of view. It is in your best interests to know what the shortcomings of getting into a particular property deal. This is where a property buyer’s advocacy service becomes crucial.

At A One Accountants, as your property buyer advocates, our mission is to be your one point of call in the process of buying a property, guiding and advising you from the beginning to the end while helping you navigate through and deal with all of the support systems built around the seller. We are also powerful negotiators who will work on your behalf during the negotiation process, as people on your side protecting your best interests, ensuring that you don’t pay more than you should and that you get the most value out of your property purchase.

Below are just some of the services we offer to you as part of being your property buyer’s advocates at A One Accountants:

  • Advising and guiding you regarding which property to buy that best suits your circumstances and objectives.
  • Finding properties for you based on your specific criteria.
  • Providing you with off market opportunities.
  • Negotiating on your behalf during the buying process.
  • Using patterns from the past to predict future capital growth for a property.
  • Helping you determine the feasibility and suitability of a development project and to answer the question: “how much profit will I make?”
  • Carrying out the due diligence process for you.

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As you can see, there are countless advantages to having us as your property buyer’s advocates and there is so much that we can offer you with that will benefit you not only now, but also in the long run. We want to protect you, the buyer, and your best interests, providing you with objective information, professional and expertise advice and support throughout the process of buying a property, to help you decide wisely and achieve your goals. If you would like to find out more or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0386091889 or alternatively, email us at

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