Many training providers had been sending their students for work experience to our practice  over the last 8 years for practical training and internship. In 2021 we have decided to offer our own programme, where you will have certainty with regards to the kind of training you shall receive. All of our current and previous staff have started their journeys with an accounting internship with us at some point. We do not guarantee that you would land a job with us at the end of the internship but we can definitely guarantee you’d know a lot about the world of accounting, which should be enough to land you an accounting role.

 Ours is a full service accounting practice and not a training organisation, which most of the others are. This is where you will be working with real life work experience, dealing with the tax office and the client as may be necessary from time to time. You shall receive supervised training from accountants with regards to various aspects of accounting.

The learning objective from the accounting internship programme would be accounting training of course but also getting used to a workplace environment at an accounting practice. Working as a team, with other accountants and being responsible as opposed to only learning practical skills.

The types of tasks you may be responsible on a daily basis as part of the accounting internship may include any of the below:


Cash-flow preparation

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable:

Client correspondence:

Audit assistance:

Bank Reconciliations

Business Plan preparations

Feasibility Analysis

Business Valuations

Preparation of financials.

ASIC secretarial:

Payroll Preparation (Superannuation, STP, Payslips):

Preparation of Business Activity Statements

Applying for private rulings:

Tax Advice:

ATO correspondences:

Tax returns for individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts.

ABN applications.

Technical writing


Accounting Internship details:

3 months of unpaid internship.

Supervised work experience with a training plan.

Performance appraisals, reference letter and certificate of work experience

Monthly reviews


Preliminary Interview to assess suitability :

AS opposed to other training providers, our internship is where you would need to pass an interview before being accepted into the programme. This is because you shall be working and assisting on real life client files and we need to determine if you will be a proper fit to not only the work environment but also the complexity level of work being carried out.

To know more, please enquire from the contact us section of our website.

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