Why  A One?

They say hard work pays off. We say smart work rewards!!  Let me first clarify by saying there is no alternative to hard work but it is the smart work that makes things simple to understand, manage and maintain. If we do the smart thing upfront, we may save a lot of unnecessary hard work in the future. This is the central idea of our business. At A One Accountants, we will try to find out the smartest way to streamline your business and financial affairs.

Traditional accountants were the ones who would prepare a set of numbers and statements for reporting purposes. Modern day accountant is the one who looks beyond numbers, helps the business by understanding the costs and implements measures that would streamline your affairs. This is the A One Accountant who would take your circumstances and business seriously and tries to make sense from looking at numbers.

We do not charge an hourly rate like many other accountants. We will not charge for general consultations.  The trip you make to visit us and the time you spend with us does not come as free for us. We consider these to be your fee and our growth.

We understand and accept not every client is made for us, but after reading through all that we have to say if you feel you should give us a chance, then please do. Come to us, talk to us, contact us in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Thank you.