Uber Tax Return:

If you are an Uber Driver and looking for a tax accountant to get your Uber tax return completed, your search ends here. At A One Accountants we have prepared and lodged numerous Uber tax returns till date.

Our fee for an UBER tax return is fixed and affordable. Our fee starts at $110 and goes upto $220 for complex and more detailed and time consuming tax returns.

Uber drivers are considered as independent contractors of Uber since you are personally providing the ride sourcing services to your customers through the platform you have chosen. The importance placed on the word “YOU” above identifies you as the business owner, providing everything necessary to run the business efficiently and with an aim of making a profit. As a contractor, you are required to hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST in order to file the annual tax return. You are required to file an annual Uber tax return.

Regardless of if you drive full time or casually, any income from ride sharing becomes part of your income tax return. You would have to be mindful of the details included in your tax returns as issues raised by the ATO could be investigated and can become troublesome. Chances are that you may not be eligible for the amounts you are claiming and/or you may be eligible to claim another expense or a portion of the expenses you have ascertained.

Uber drivers have the blessing of being able to claim a large portion of their car’s usage on the UBER tax return, based on your logbook records.

Practically, Uber related tax returns are complex and have to be accurate and need to also match with the lodged Business Activity Statements since the data matching systems at the tax office integrates information from the bank as well as information received from Uber LLC directly to match with the income stated in your tax returns. Record keeping measures; such as maintaining a log book and receipts of expenses are essential since a variety of deductions are usually claimed in such tax returns.

Some Common Deductions UBER Tax Return:

  • Depreciation on the car driven
  • Cost of car rental
  • Finance cost if the car was purchased on finance
  • Fuel
  • Cost of car maintenance such as repairs, insurance, registrations
  • Licenses and fees
  • Protective clothing
  • Uber commissions and charges
  • Other incidental costs incurred in the course of ride sharing activity

UBER Business Activity Statement online form

We are here to assist you with your ride sharing UBER tax return and simplify this process for you. All you need to do is visit our online tax return form and submit your details.  Give us a call today on 03 8609 1889 or email us on info@a1accountants.com.au and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist you with your queries.

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