Late Tax Returns:

Do you have a late tax return to lodge? or Do you have many late tax returns to lodge? No Problem! We can help you lodge up to 20 years of Late tax returns very quickly.  We can also help apply for any penalty waivers that may be required. We can organise a payment plan for you if you do owe money to the ATO, and we can complete all of these via an in person appointment in one of our offices, or alternatively, we can organise everything for you online. We provide a fixed fee for your late or overdue tax returns.

Most people need to lodge a tax return every year, however, sometimes life gets in the way and we end up with late tax returns. If you haven’t lodged your tax returns for many years or have any late tax returns, the ATO could issue a penalty as well as charge interest, so not lodging your tax returns or lodging late could have serious consequences and you could end up in a bad position financially.

Don’t let this happen to you! Let us help you bring your taxes back up to date, we can even deal with late tax returns from up to 20 years ago. If the ATO are on your back about your late tax returns, as soon as you bring them to us, we’ll let them know that we’re working on them and they’ll stop any escalation, so you won’t have to worry.

What is the most common reason to not lodge tax returns on time?

The worry about paying large amounts of tax is one of the most common reason people avoid lodgment of their tax returns, and soon enough with a blink of an eye, what was a single year’s worth of tax return becomes a few years worth. Needless to say the ATO does not pursue this matter for a few years and a taxpayer believes it is fine to not lodge or delay. Once a few years worth are accumulated, the ATO actively pursues the matter believing there is a deliberate effort to avoid paying tax and at this point in time, this becomes a trouble.

Other common reasons for a late tax return are:

  •  Unforseen circumstances
  •  Health Concerns
  •  Family Issues
  •  Travel Overseas
  •  Starting a new business
  •  Closing down a business

When you appoint us, you will not need to deal with the ATO yourself or speak to them at all. We will handle the communications part for you. If you have a tax debt or late fees, we can negotiate with the ATO on your behalf to minimise the cost for you as much as possible and also organise a payment plan for you, ensuring that your financial position is not drastically affected. We also have a high success rate of completely waiving ATO penalties and fines for many of our clients.

If you have received a penalty, warning or a notice from the ATO regarding late tax returns, then this is the perfect time to contact us and we’ll take care of this stressful process for you.

Our fee for a standard single late tax return is $110 and we can lodge multiple late tax returns with foreign income, investment property, business schedules and so on and once we know what is required, we shall be able to provide a fixed fee for our service. The invoice we provide shall be tax deductible meaning you would be able to claim the full fee in your next financial year’s tax return.

If you are in business and have Late business tax returns or business activity statements to lodge:

Please see:  Late Business Activity Statement Lodgments:

We shall be able to retrieve many years worth tax related and property related information from the tax office directly and have different ways to be able to retrieve historical information on your behalf and get tax returns lodged and assessed by the tax office quickly.

Call us on 1300 212 663 to book an appointment to see one of our staff today or else contact us and we shall be able to complete Late tax returns over the phone or online for you.

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